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A texture inspired by nature.


Sometimes materials surprise us as in the case of this attractive paper. It pays tribute to natural materials, their construction, and unbeatable forms. In the case of this paper-backed fabric, more than a meter wide, we approach a texture that reflects the inimitable shades of small insects such as dragonflies. It has a balance of threads in the green and blue chromatic range, the result of meticulous observation and the know-how of the artisans who make it. A way to integrate a vibrant and full of optimism colour, with which to get started on the path of biophilia.

It includes the appropriate glue for its placement.



Roll width:   110 cm

Roll length:   Customized

Minimum order:   5m

Color:   Green and blue

Available on backorder

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    Many of our products are worked with RAL, Ncs colors and according to sample.

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    We specialize in the finishing possibilities that materials offer us. In addition, we use ecological varnishes that help us achieve a natural appearance thanks to its matte finish. We tell you some of our strengths.

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