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Interior design

We carry out our interior design services in a highly personalised manner, always taking into account personal tastes and elements that identify the client, with biophilic design as the main backbone.

To materialize these projects, we conceive the space to intervene as a box that is built by means of three basic pillars: Colours; Materials and Lighting. By choosing these elements correctly, we are able to transform empty spaces into organic spaces full of personality.

If you would like us to carry out your own “Box Project”, you can let us know through the following form.



We provide more than 20 years of know-how to each project, guiding with the utmost sincerity and the closest of personal attention. More than just a service, our guidance comes from a way of understanding the relationship with our clients, providing it even in the absence of a signed contract for an interior design project.



Occasionally, and if the project and the space allow it, we create murals with natural pigments. To do so, we draw inspiration from Mediterranean colours, tones, and textures.


Restoration and personalisation of furniture

One of our passions is to refurbish and restore the furniture in order to give it a second life and transform it into a unique piece. To ensure that this restoration process is not an exercise that results in a piece without purpose, we personalise the piece, taking into account the place and the person who is going to enjoy it. All of which are impregnated with our own personal character.

As the artisans that we are, we have a workspace in Pamplona where, in addition to materialising our pieces, we also offer restoration workshops. To find out more about the restoration courses we are currently offering, you can send us an e-mail requesting further information.