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We create objects and spaces with Chi

OZEANO is made up of a creative team of designers and artisans with more than 20 years of experience who are committed to the design of exclusive and personalised spaces. We focus on the essence of the client and the environment.

Our values

We like to identify what we do as “therapeutic design” because our aim is to generate wellbeing in people through space and our products.

Thanks to the fact that we are a family business, we are able to have a greater sensitivity and empathy towards every project. Throughout the entire interior design and refurbishment process, we are there to guide you with our knowledge and expertise in a solvent way.




Our creation process is a thoughtful design that starts from the comprehension and understanding of people and the different elements.

Understanding you

In OZEANO we design spaces that reflect the chi, the vital energy of people, and in order to do so, it is necessary to learn more about those who are going to live in them.

Our design proposals are based on trust with the client. That is why in addition to an initial questionnaire designed for self-reflection, we engage in conversations that establish a relationship of trust throughout the first contact. These are the starting points for creation.

In this initial phase, we seek to find out who you are, at what stage you find yourself, how you live your space, how your routines influence you, and what makes you fall in love… We want to know more about the people who are with you and the importance that the different elements of the design have for all of you. It is by opening up and showing your inner self that we will be able to show the reflection of your essence in the space we are going to design.


To shape the space

Everything we do, from interior design to the making of objects, is about generating wellbeing through spaces that are conducive to free, friendly and natural relationships.

The design of space is a tool that has a great impact on our relationship with the world. Most people live in an environment created for them, but not by them. That is why at Ozeano we do not follow the common interpretations of interior design but propose that you take control and modify and alter the spaces in which you will live. By giving you control, you become the architect of your own life, thus increasing your exposure to positive signals and reducing negative ones.


Through the energy

We interpret the spaces and objects used in the design as tools through which to enhance mental well-being. Using techniques such as Feng Shui, we achieve a distribution that harmonizes and balances the essential elements (earth, air, water and fire).

Each environment in which we find ourselves has an influence on the way we develop our habits and routines. We create particular bonds with the objects around us and we want you to change the perception of your space as a place full of things, and focus on those connections. The right environment and objects can help you transform your habits to achieve your goals, such as eating healthy, encouraging creativity, or stretching every morning.

In order to achieve a unique and exceptional environment, we seek to prioritize air and water purification systems, as well as bioethanol fireplaces that use a more environmentally friendly fuel source. In addition, we opted for handcrafted pieces made from natural materials to achieve a fluidity in the design of the space.

ozeano_studio dos máscaras decorativas étnicas en tonos blancos, amarillos y negro