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Unique product made by Emberá women.


The relationship with the objects that make up your space is important to us. These masks are a beautiful way to keep in mind the power of the connection with nature. Cultures that still preserve this connection communicate through these objects in rituals and celebrations. The shamans of the tribes are the ones who use them to communicate with the other world. For them, the most important things are life, health and subsistence. The appearance and representation of a non-visible energy, acquires the form of animals through these masks. The natural fibers used to braid them are native to the area, such as the leaves of the different varieties of palm trees dyed with natural pigments (fruit pulp, seeds, leaves…). The women of the Embera tribe of the Colombian Pacific are the creators of these masks, inspired by the animals of the jungle and pre-Columbian art, which require a great artistic mastery and craftsmanship.

Chocó, the Colombian region where this tribe is located, is one of the least populated and urbanized areas in the country. It is a region with an extensive and practically virgin jungle where small villages of Afro-descendant communities coexist with different tribes such as Wounaan, Emberá or Zenu. We are privileged to have been able to travel to this area and see that it is a part of the world still unexploited, where globalization has not made them lose their traditions, beliefs and ways of life, making it truly authentic. This authenticity is the feeling we seek to convey through these pieces. Therefore, as we said at the beginning of this text, we want to emphasize that the relationship with the objects that make up your space is important.



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Size: L 20 x H 15 cm approx.

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