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“The memory that will transport us to the warm light of the old stained glass windows, dim among the leaves and transparent among the snow”.


Millenary fossils extracted from the interior of the earth, from which casual veins emerge, the soul of a warm and primitive material. Minerals such as salt, essential for life, used to respresent currency among ancient peoples. We capture their worth in order to to transport it to the spaces where its prominence emerges. We mix it by hand in simple designs with our most beloved materials: natural iron, the oak from our land and smoked glass. Following its authentic nature, no two pieces are alike. Each lamp is a unique surprise, which transmits you the magic of its light from the inside, creating a warm atmosphere.

Piece handmade with natural materials.



Materials:    Natural stone and stained oak

Dimensions:    L 30 x W 30 x H 35 cm

Maximum height of the fossil:   25 cm

*These measurements may vary due to the nature of the material. Each piece is unique.

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